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Lockable Notice Boards

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Decorative Lockable NoticeboardDecorative Lockable Noticeboard
Ref: SR7906

An attractive noticeboard priced cost-effectively for use in unregulated or non-sensitive locations. Fire-rated felt cover for pins. Available in six felt colours.

Features locking, hinged acrylic door or double doors on the two largest models. Frame is satin silver anodised with rounded corners.

Single door models can be fitted either 'portrait' or 'landscape' style. Double door models can only be fitted 'landscape'.

This product is guaranteed for 2 years.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Size (WxH)


Tamperproof Corridor NoticeboardsTamperproof Corridor Noticeboards
Ref: SR5006

Fully fire-retardant Flambord noticeboard with hinged, locking, virtually shatterproof, polycarbonate door. The board is a pinboard with bonded, fabric finish. Fully compliant with Class B, as recommended for use in corridors, escape routes and large unsupervised areas in public buildings and institutions.

Satin silver anodised aluminium frame with rounded safety corners, all but the two largest sizes can be fixed either 'portrait' or 'landscape'.

Available in 6 sizes and 7 fabric colours.

Please allow approx. 2-3 weeks for delivery



Weathershield Interior Show CaseWeathershield Interior Show Case
Ref: SR7108A

The Weathershield Satin Silver Anodised Aluminium Exterior range has been tested and accredited to the ingress Protection standard IPSS European Standard EN529:1992 against both dust (solids) and water (liquids) ingress - also known as the "waterproof test". Therefore, the Weathershield Exterior Showcase has been certified as 100% waterproof and suitable for all external locations. Available with Flameshield pinnable fabric backings in either blue or grey or magnetic whiteboard surface which can be used with drywipe pens and magnets.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery


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