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Testing / Vaccination Booth

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Folding Testing & Vaccination BoothFolding Testing & Vaccination Booth

Fantastic value budget folding wipe clean booth for testing and vaccinations. Lightweight and folds away with a thickness of just 3 ½ inches taking up a minimum of space in dual use areas.

• Four slimline hinged panels with a smooth plastic surface and grey PVC frame
• The kit simply folds out so set up is a fast one person assembly
• The kit is semi-permanent/temporary and folds up for easy storage – so ideal for organisations that only need to use the kits occasionally.
• This is a budget option to keep costs to the user to a minimum.
• Each panel is 1775mm high x 888mm wide.

Delivered free within 7-10 days

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accompany the vaccination booth

Qty 1-4: £185.00
Qty 5+ £175.00


Affinity Antimicrobial ChairAffinity Antimicrobial Chair

Chair SizeSeat HeightOverall Width

Overall Depth

Overall HeightAge
1260mm425mm370mm485mm3-4 Years
2310mm425mm370mm535mm4-6 Years
3350mm425mm370mm575mm6-8 Years
4380mm518mm490mm696mm8-11 Years
5430mm518mm490mm746mm11-14 Years

The overall minimum quantity is 10 chairs. You can mix and match sizes to reach the overall minimum quantity of 10 chairs. Please call for smaller quantities.

Products featuring anti-bacterial properties have become commonplace in hospital situations and high use public areas. Therefore, we believe it's time to introduce this same technology to help protect our Teachers and Students as well.

The manufacturer of this chair, Hille, has partnered with SteriTouch® to produce the Affinity Antimicrobial chair, available in 6 different heights for use across all ages of education. The SteriTouch® additive embedded into the chair, during manufacturing, restricts the growth of microorganisms, including those responsible for illness and infection such as MRSA, E-Coli and many others.

But what benefit does this bring to Educational Establishments? Over time the SteriTouch® additive halts the propagation of 99.9% of bacteria on the surface of the chair. Meaning a chair left at 3 PM one day, will be free of bacteria by 9 AM the next morning, ready for the new school day.

Effective, Permanent Protection.
SteriTouch prevents the growth of bacteria, biofilm and mould on products, for life.

How does it work?
The technology is based on silver ions, which are non-leaching, food-safe, and embedded into the product at manufacture, product at manufacture, providing longlasting protection.

Independently Tesed.
All products containing SteriTouch are tested at an independent laboratory and proven at least 99.9% effective.

• Antimicrobial
• 24 Hour Protection
• Available in 6 heights.
• Minimum quantity of 10 chairs.
• 6 year guarantee.
• Shell Colour: Blue
• Frame Colour: Black

Please allow up to 3-4 weeks for delivery


Jaz Storage Range - Single Width Cupboard
Jaz Storage Range - Single Width Cupboard - view 1Jaz Storage Range - Single Width Cupboard - view 2Jaz Storage Range - Single Width Cupboard - view 3
Jaz Storage Range - Single Width Cupboard - view 4Jaz Storage Range - Single Width Cupboard - view 5Jaz Storage Range - Single Width Cupboard - view 6

Jaz Storage Range - Single Width Cupboard

7 Cupboard Heights available:
All single width cupboards are 356mm wide x 480mm deep
Choose either White or Light Grey cupboards

6 Colour Themes: Edge Colours available:
• Lime Edge
• Orange Edge
• Blue Edge
• Yellow Edge
• Purple Edge
• Red Edge
• Featuring castors for easy maneuvering or static unit with plinth

• Manufactured in a solid 18mm MDF melamine faced white or grey finish along with a plastic 2mm coloured edge trim finish. Just choose your theme colour and unit colour from the menus below before ordering.

• Delivered fully assembled
• U.K. Manufactured and comes with a full 5 Year Guarantee

Please Note: The images and colours shown on screen are for a visual reference and should be used as a guide only, due to variations in different screen resolutions, some colours may vary slightly from the actual finished product.

Dimensions: HxWxD

533 x 690 x 480mm
615 x 690 x 480mm
697 x 690 x 480mm
779 x 690 x 480mm
861 x 690 x 480mm
943 x 690 x 480mm
1107 x 690 x 480mm

• Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery.
• Free delivery on everything.

Delivered fully assembled


Please note - all prices are subject to VAT at the appropriate rate

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