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Titan One-Piece Polypropylene Chair
Titan One-Piece Polypropylene Chair

Ref: TN0100

The much loved Titan one-piece chair combines the perfect mix of functionality and form to create a chair which enables proper posture for our children and looks great too. Not only that... with a fifteen year guarantee this chair is great value!

The Titan one-piece chair passes both parts 1 and 2 of the European standard EN1729. This guarantees you a chair which has the necessary strength for daily classroom use, and a chair which meets all the requirements for child posture and design.

We can also supply linking clips for your Titan chairs. These are ideal for linking chairs together in school halls or assembly areas. These are an aid to safety as they help maintain gangways in an emergency situation and keep your chairs in nice neat rows too.

These chairs are nice and light making them easy for children carry and their one-piece construction makes them strong enough to offer a 15 year guarantee. Combining this with eye-catching super-bright colours means that this is probably the perfect classroom chair.

Minimum quantity is 6 chairs. You can combine different chair colours and sizes to reach minimum quantity requirements.

Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery


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